Senior Life

Senior Life

Founded in 1512, Wolverhampton Grammar School is an award-winning independent day school, for boys and girls ages 4 to 18.

Welcome to our Senior School

Life in the Senior School starts in Year 7 when pupils moving up from Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School are joined by children from several schools across the region.

Each Year 7 Form is looked after by two Co-Tutors to ensure that no child goes unnoticed. Our Year 7 Tutors are highly experienced and will understand any concerns or nervousness that your child might have as they start senior school life.

So what does a typical day look like in the Senior School? Students may opt to use our school bus service to travel to school. Our School transport covers the neighbouring counties of Shropshire, and Staffordshire, as well as the Black Country and the West Midlands.

Students should arrive in school in good time for registration which starts at 8.45am. This is an important time for Form Tutors to give out notices and get to know their tutees. There is a two-week timetable which will be given to your child on their first day.

Most extra-curricular clubs and activities take place before School, over the lunch period or after School. We also have a Homework Club from 4.00pm - 5.30pm and a School Late Club until 6.15pm.

The WGS Journey

At the end of Year 7 students are sorted into one of four Senior Houses: Jenyns, Moreton, Nechells or Offley.

Your child’s Year 8 Co-Tutors will remain with them throughout the rest of their time at School. This provides continuity of care and exceptional pastoral support. In the Sixth Form there is also a dedicated Sixth Form team to look after student welfare and help with exam preparation and university applications.

Timetabled Wellbeing lessons and access to the Careers Education department begins from Year 7. Our students feel well informed about matters in the news and the changing world we live in. We seek to educate and inform in an environment where everyone feels safe to ask questions.

WGS students enjoy a varied curriculum and benefit from first class resources and facilities. For example, from Year 7 students will have Drama lessons in the Hutton Theatre. This early introduction may lead them to take Drama at GCSE but regardless, they can still pursue this interest through an extra-curricular club or get involved with a school production. Languages too are a thriving discipline at Wolverhampton Grammar School. Both French and German are taught with equal weighting so that either are an option at GCSE. As well as Language Assistants to develop speaking and listening skills, students have the opportunity to participate in international trips.

WGS offers GCSEs and IGCSEs with departments choosing the qualification most suited to their students. The core subjects of Maths, English Language and English Literature are studied by all students along with a choice of 2 or 3 of the single sciences. It is also anticipated that each student will take a language and a humanity in order to provide balance and keep their options open for Sixth Form study.

The majority of our Year 11 students move up to our Sixth Form and it is at this point that we also welcome several new students. Sixth Formers study in their own bespoke area and enjoy greater independence. This is an opportunity for students to step up to leadership roles within the House system. Two prefects are also assigned to Year 7 specifically to help mentor our newest members of the Senior School.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is known for its academic reputation and consistently students achieve well at GCSE and A Level gaining entry to their university of choice. Upon leaving WGS all students join the Old Wulfrunians network of alumni. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we maintain with our former pupils; reunions and events are always well attended and demonstrate the strong friendships that are formed during their time at the School.

Proud to be one of the oldest schools in the country but forward-looking in our approach.